Techniques of Cost Cutting on Shopping



1. Create a Sit at Home List of What you Really Want.


Most people do shopping without defining what they really want; they jump into a shopping mall and begin buying all most everything their money can purchase; the amusing thing is that 60% of what they purchase are not necessarily needed by them, they just bought them because they think they have some money on them. If you have this sort of shopping perspective, you can put an end to it by sitting at home to make a list of what you really need for yourself.


2. Have a Tour on Pre-Shopping Study.


Pre-shopping research will help you understand more about items you have listed and the definite amount you can budget for them. When you do pre-shopping research, you save on yourself a lot of cost given that you now learn how much to go shopping with.


3. Shop along with a Note and a Pen.


Before you go shopping, get a pen and a note for taking down of anything which you might find intriguing at the shopping mall that is not in your checklist. People are mostly tempted to buy more things when they go shopping particularly the ones that caught their eyes.


4. Shop Alone.


Cut down on frequent shopping with hang-out friends especially when you have a lot money on you; the choice they make at the shopping mall will often influence you to buy items you are not ready to buy. If you need to shop go shopping with them, make certain it was scheduled to enable you plan from home and understand the exact amount to carry with you.


5. Do More of Bulk Buying.


Bulk buying to some individuals shows spending much money. When you do bulk buying, you acquire rebate on those items and at the same time save some money. To get initiated, write down the list of things you use more often at home and include them in your shopping list; items that you purchased in bulk will save you the worry of paying more transportation to the shopping mall every day.



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